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September 24, 17:30-20:00


EARLY BIRD until 18th sept 85 CHF


BREATH with a friend 2 for 160 CHF


Address: Spalenvorstadt 11, 4051 Basel

Come join us on a journey of self-discovery!

Your own breath as the catalyst combined with the power of sound & frequencies will provide you an opportunity to travel into states of altered consciousness & experience deep transformation and healing.


Shamanic Breathwork combines a conscious connected breathing technique with body and energy work, facilitated by Christa Denz. During this special edition, Onomeya (Cellist, Composer and Sound Healer) will take you on a powerful chakra attuned live music journey.


Let your breath become an instrument of transpersonal discovery and move you beyond the ego into the deepest parts of your body, mind and spirit. This may uncover patterns that have you stuck, lead you to receive powerful insights, release emotions and move energy.  


This is an invitation to embrace the totality of what it means to be human, express the full range of emotions that may arise and connect with your own inner wisdom and healer.


Absolutely no experience is necessary, come exactly as you are. We look forward to welcoming all parts of you.


The space will be lovingly held by Shamanic Breathwork facilitator Christa Denz, certified by the Venus Rising Association for Transformation, and guided on a journey of sound by the Cellist, Composer and Sound Healer Onomeya. As seasoned breathers, professional musician and space holders their primary incentive is to guide you through the transformation that your soul is seeking.  


Christa Denz

Christa Denz has immersed herself deeply into the worlds of self-development, spirituality & healing for the last five years, where she studied and offered a big variety of Energy- and Bodywork Modalities, Yoga, Mediation, Tantra and Breathwork. Christa's passion is to create empowering spaces, where one feels safe to drop from the mind into the body. Where permission is fully given to feel and embrace the totality of what it means to be human. 


She specializes in working with the un- and subconscious to access deeper layers of your spiritual, emotional and physical body, where memories frozen in time can safely be released, your power reclaimed and your nervous system regulated. It is her biggest fulfilment and joy to be in service for women and men to remember and embrace their full authentic, empowered and sexually awakened self. 


Onomeya uses the power of sound as a path of expression, connection and transformation. Graduated as a classical music cellist at the Escuela Reina Sofía in Madrid and the Music-Akademie of Basel, he puts his musical knowledge and technique in service for healing and personal growth, offering sound healing sessions where he combines his voice, the cello, and singing Crystal bowls with electronic and percussive sounds.

Onomeya has been trained in Akashic Records by Ancestral School of Wisdom, using this tool as the way to connect and channel sound for the participants, creating both calming and deeply transformative experiences. 

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